Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Considering Full Time RV Life

The thought of living in an RV for the rest of my days is weighing heavily on my mind.  Of course, Bill was excited when we were first discussing it.  He was talking, I was listening (in a state of panic)...this being the exact opposite of how it usually is at our house.  I continue to research on the Internet about the pros and cons of such a lifestyle.  The funny thing is that there are so many blogs about people that love it, but I have yet to read about anyone who tried it and then hated it.  I'm sure there are some, maybe they just don't write about it.

What has surprised me over the past couple of months is that I hear of more and more people that we actually know that are either considering it or actually planning to do it. Are the baby boomers growing up to be nomads in their old age?  Apparently some of them are.  Kinda makes you want to keep a sharper eye on the road when you're driving.

The one thing that no one misses with this life style is a snow shovel.  They probably don't miss pulling weeds, either.  But I do like to garden.  Bill suggested that I could grow potatoes in the back of the pickup truck, but it just doesn't seem ...well, right.  I don't know that one tomato plant in a pot would do it, either.

Some of us have roots and we like them.  I like the sense of 'home' and everything that's associated with that.  And I like my 'stuff'.  Could 'home' be wherever I hang my hat?  Maybe it could.  Maybe it's just different, something that I would love if I gave it a chance.

I did tell Bill that I would commit to one year RVing, but I would want an actual house if I didn't like it after that period.  I actually was okay with that at the time.  The next morning my mind was hitting the brakes with all kinds of 'what if's'.

Yes, today I am considering it.  That kind of move is at least two years away, so I have time to change my mind, too.


  1. Perhaps you could try it for 6 months. Rent the house out that you own for that period. A lot of the people I know who are full timers stay in one place in the winter, and one place in the summer. In that case, you could do a small garden where ever you are, even if it is just a flower bed size, or in containers. We have not yet commited to full time, and are not ready to really consider it, as DH still has a job, at least for a few years. It is something we are thinking about a little bit at a time, though. Is there a way to post a private comment here? I would be glad to email you with some ideas if so, but don't want all my info here.

    1. You can send an email to my work account at:
      info AT crestnetsales.com