Friday, November 19, 2010

Toothpaste or Tooth Powder - Make Your Own

I recently stumbled upon an interesting website about homemade toothpaste -  .  Generally, I navigate away from any site that is trying to sell me something, but this guy lists different 'recipes' for toothpaste and tooth powder.  There are some pages of dental related information that's a good read, too. 

There are some other sites out in cyberland that have more recipes -  , - some stuff is just funny, you know?

I have been using the 3 parts baking soda/ 1 part salt mix for a couple of weeks now.  And my teeth and gums look better!  I have to say that I was surprised that the salt really does make the baking soda more palatable.  I just added a full packet of stevia sweetener, and oddly enough, I can't taste any sweetness at all.  The salt is less pronounced, so maybe it's worth it.  I wonder if I can put a bit in my Water Pic...would it clog it up?  Hmmmmm.....probably.

I might try a toothpaste recipe whenever I find some glycerin.  The only stuff our little country store sells is glycerin suppositories, and I just don't think that will do it. 

What really surprised me was reading that making your own will cost less than $2 a YEAR for a family of four.  I'm sure that was just the basic baking soda and salt recipe.

This fits into the 'half challenge', too.  There's no way that Bill would even consider using the homemade stuff.  He'll continue using Crest, I'll continue using homemade stuff and that will cut our commercial toothpaste usage in half.  :o)

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