Monday, April 25, 2011

ACV lowered my cholesterol - maybe!

I'm pretty sure that taking the ACV daily lowered my cholesterol.  For years it had been running in the 225 range and the only thing I did differently was to drink some ACV and water every day.  I recently got the lab report from my recent blood work and!  (Drum roll, please....) my cholesterol was 176!!!!

I did some reading about that possibility.  Lots of folks said that while they were trying to lower their blood pressure by drinking some organic ACV daily, the added bonus was that it lowered their cholesterol, too.  But there were plenty of people that said that it didn't work for them.

Oops!  I forgot one thing.  I did consume copious amounts of butter instead of Benecol or Smart Balance for a few months.  Now I won't get into another saturated fat debate here, but perhaps it was a combination of the two that did it?  Not that my doctor will believe it, but she seems nice enough not to tell me that I'm totally looney.  I'm still fat and out of shape, so it's obvious that I'm not doing the diet and exercise thing.  Here's the site that made me do some thinking:

My friends think that the lab made a mistake, but I'm not going to pay over $200 for another blood test just to see if they're right.  I'll wait till next year and see what that lab report says.

Now then, I'm currently drinking my own brew, which isn't nearly as strong as the Braggs.  I don't know if that will make a difference.  If you try this, remember that your mileage may vary.

Added 8-14:  I just posted a recipe for Switchel.  It makes it a LOT easier to drink some ACV every day.


  1. How much are you taking and how do you take it so it doesnt taste gross? I want to lower mine also and have heard this works also. I think its worth a try.

  2. Oh, it was gross (the Braggs)! I couldn't handle more than 1 tsp in maybe 1/3 cup of water, chugged it down and quickly drank more water to get the taste out of my mouth. I did this a couple times a day. Nothing I added to it made it taste any better to me.
    The homemade stuff isn't nearly as strong and sure tastes better. I can do 2 TBSP of that at a time with some water. I hope it works for you!