Friday, May 13, 2011

How to Retire (Early) without a Huge Pension and Enjoy It!

I just read this wonderful 'book' at the Homesteader's Free Library.  Titled "The Economics of Being a Cheap-o - How to retire without a huge pension and enjoy it", the author has perfectly stated my random thoughts and beliefs.  Jan Cooke, the author, has an easy to read style mixed with humor, noteably so in Part Two.  Take a look here:


If you aren't interested in having the homesteading lifestyle and want to retire early (should I stress the word EARLY), take a look at this:

And if you want to chuck the typical 8-5 job of working for someone else right now, there's this:

There are other well written and informative sites that I've been to, but I just can't put my finger on them at the moment.  I'll add them as I come across 'em.  The bottom line for all is that you don't have to have that $1.3 million in the bank to retire.  Yes, you can actually be happy NOW, doing what you love to do NOW with some creative thinking and taking steps to get yourself out of the box.

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