Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Jar in the Refrigerator

Every time I open the frig door, I see this jar.  It's just a pint jar with contents of the prettiest yellow color, something that I would describe as similar to sunshine in a jar.  It's easily hidden behind the milk, but for some reason, it just jumps out at me every time I open the door.  It's because I know what it is and I don't know what to do with it.

It's not something evil.  It doesn't taste bad, either.  It's just so sweet that I can't eat it, and I really like sweet stuff.  So, what is it?

It's Mountain Dew jelly.

Ya, honest.  Now, I like Mountain Dew.  Diet Dew was at the top of my list for soda pops, back when I was drinking them.  The jelly seemed like a good project for when our grandson was going to visit.  I realized early on that my primary role as this kid's grandma was to say 'yes' to practically every little thing he wanted and to what his mother wouldn't allow at home.  The kid is 15 now.  How lucky are we that he still wants to hang out with his grandparents, right?  So, I printed off the recipe.

So the next time he comes out, we make the jelly.  Wow, it did taste like Mountain Dew, looked like Mountain Dew, but holy mama!!!  It was so sweet that my teeth almost hurt.  It got me at the outside edges of my jaw.  My face was puckered up, I'm sure of it.  The kid's reaction?  The kid loved it!  I'm standing there with that bitter beer expression, looking at his wide eyed expression of surprise and delight.

When he went home, he took two pints with him.  He called me the next day and said that it was the best.  His plans for the day were to 'make toast and eat jelly".

I have a hunch that my daughter wanted to thump me on the head when she got home from work that evening.  It's a pretty good bet that the kid was bouncing off the walls all evening, too.  So, if you're brave, here's the recipe that I followed, including the 4-1/2 cups of sugar:

I still have my own jar to contend with.  One of the first rules of the kitchen is that nothing goes to waste.  If we don't eat it, the cats, dogs or chickens get it.  But I don't want to put my hens into a diabetic coma.  Maybe they would be more like hens on speed?  Eh, maybe they wouldn't even eat it.  But throw it away?  Perish the thought.

Hey!  Maybe I can melt it and make some fly strips!!!!!  Here's the link for those directions, but they use honey instead of Mountain Dew jelly.


  1. I am absolutely going to make this! I have some niece's & nephews I plan to inflict it on, I mean gift it to, the Christmas!!

    1. OH! What a great idea!! I have a friend that I need to pull this on, too!