Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Make your own Covered Litterbox

On my continuing search to find substitutions for 'stuff' instead of buying new 'stuff', I found this nifty page about how to make your own covered litterbox:

It's pretty slick, using a regular ol' tote.  I happen to have a few of those around here, so I emptied the contents of one into a cardboard box.  I have a few of those around here, too.

I used the lid from a 5 gallon bucket to draw an arch at the top part, and then straight sides.  Wah-la!  Time to cut it out.  Oh har.  Box cutter didn't work even though I managed to finally poke a hole in the tote and it cracked a bit.  The crack is in the part that's going to be cut out anyway, so it doesn't matter.  I had tin snips ready but there was no way that I could get them in to use them.  I guess I'll have to wait for Bill to get home and use the little zip - roto tool thing we have.  He's the only one that knows where it's at or where it might be.

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