Monday, August 1, 2011

And more dog food chat + homemade Frosty Paws recipe

As I said in a previous post, my neighbor has championship dock diving dogs.  These dogs are her life, actually ALL her animals are!  She made a comment the other day that her animal housing is always cleaner than her own house.  :o) 
She was the one that told me about the race meat at the local greyhound supply place.  The race meat is $0.49 per pound, packaged in 5 lb. tubes like what you see in the grocery store.  They have a fattier grade, called 'farm', that is $0.39 a pound, packaged in 10 lb. bags.  The fattier grade has about the fat that we see in 90% lean ground beef.  All this has a thick layer of charcoal laid down over the meat while it's ground so it sure isn't something that you'd want to throw on the grill.  I bought the cheaper grade for my first experience...and freaked out.  It smelled really weird and messing with a 10 lb. frozen chunk was just more than I wanted to deal with that day.

Anyway, she also told me that she orders a case of either pork or beef neck bones from the grocer's meat department.  I ordered 30 lbs of pork neck bones.  They were huge!  Another freak out day.  But they were $0.80 a pound.  Bill cut one in half on his band saw (or some kind of saw) and the boxers were in hog heaven (no pun intended) that evening.  The next day boxers were upchucking all over the house.  Oh joy.  So I browned up the remaining 29 pounds in the oven, then used every stock pot I had to make bone broth.  I was kinda hating pork there for a while.

The beef neckbones were better, kept the dogs occupied for two full hours and no one threw up.  I think Bill wanted to, though.  They were $1.39 a pound.

Now then, Stacy (my neighbor) feeds her dogs ANY vegetable, including cooked asparagus.  They are especially fond of canteloupe and other fruits.  This time of year she has to keep a closer eye on them as they have snagged cucumbers from her garden.

She feeds her dogs eggs.  The entire egg.  Cracked me up!  (Again, no pun intended.)  She just handed each dog an egg and told them to get off the deck.  They went down to the grass, cracked the egg and ate it, shell and all.  I offered my boxers a little pullet egg today.  They both sniffed at them, then stared at me.  That's okay, they got the inside, the hens will get the crushed shells later.

Barb mentioned in her comment that she gives her dogs yogurt.  It reminded me of a recipe for homemade Frosty Paws - and this sure is the time of year to make them!

32 fluid ounces vanilla yogurt
1 ripe banana, mashed or one (5 ounce) jar banana baby food  
2 tablespoons peanut butter 
2 tablespoons honey

Blend all ingredients together and freeze in 3-ounce paper cups.
Microwave just a few seconds before serving to your pooch.

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