Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cat think and what's happening here today

I have been trying to come up with something to blog about with little success.  For the most part, it's been life as usual around here on the farm.  So, here's what's happening -

Frank, my beloved barn cat, apparently tangled with another cat and ended up with an abcessed toe.  By the time I could get him to the vet, his paw was swollen twice the size it should have been.  I had closed him in a room in the shop with a litter box of pine shavings, thinking it would be cleaner than him scratching in the dirt.  I also fed him chicken, eggs, all kinds of good stuff with plenty of water so he'd stay hydrated.  After a few days of antibiotics, his wound is healing well and he's back with the herd.  He also keeps walking to the shop door when it's chow time.  And gives me that look when he sees that it's back to basic chow.  I'm going to take him back to the vet in a couple weeks to have him neutered.

We got maybe 1/3 cord of free firewood from a guy we know.  Yay!  Yesterday, Bill busted out the chainsaw and we got most of it cut up and stacked.  Our hearts/backs just weren't into the idea of doing it all, ya know?  Mostly our backs.  Note to self:  don't try to pick up the dog again.

I still have green tomatoes on the vines and two boxes of tomatoes in the kitchen in varying stages of ripening.  I'm getting rather tired of dealing with tomatoes, but I know I'll be happy in February when I'm still using homemade spaghetti sauce.

We picked up 10 bales of straw and made the barn cats a great winter condo with three apartments. I have these grand plans on converting the back part of the old garage (it's attached to the house) into a cat habitat.  The driving force behind this is so I don't have to make the trek through the snow and craaaap to feed said cats out under the pole barn - twice a day.  There's also electricity available so no huge extension cord for the heated water dish. 
In trying to understand 'cat think', we realize that we can do all kinds of work, including cutting out a couple areas for a big door and a couple windows, cat door, framing, etc...moving a bunch of.. uh... collectables... Bill calls it junk...well, we can do all kinds of work and THEN the cats won't use it.  But there's always hope, you know?

We're still working upstairs and getting closer to being able to put down flooring and calling it done!  I started putting primer on the stair railing, staining and urethaning doors.  The bathroom still needs two cabinets built and the floor trim, but it's definitely functional now and beats the bucket brigade when I had to whiz in a 5 gallon bucket with a toilet seat in the middle of the night. 

Because of the number of critters in the house (the livestock), we opted for flooring that is critter friendly.  We used vinyl planks that look like wood in the bedrooms, plan on using them in the hallway, carpet tiles in the hang out sun room and porcelin tiles are already in the bathroom.

The planks sure aren't your grandmother's peel and stick crapola, either.  A note about resell value - we live in an area that people go 'ewwww, vinyl', but I figure they wouldn't like whatever flooring I had down anyway, so they can put in whatever they want.  This works for us and our current lifestyle.  It's softer and quieter than laminate, easier to install, too.  Honestly, I never understood the love affair that people have with laminate.  It's pretty much a picture with a plastic coating over a thin piece of wood.  And while no flooring is bulletproof, the cool thing about the planks and carpet tiles is that if one is damaged, you can easily replace it. 

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  1. Daily living IS progress and sounds like you're getting along. I can relate to the stinkeye from the cat, as my dog gets raw food about 50% of the time and I get the glare the other half of the time! Sounds like your re-model is close to finished, great job to the both of you!!
    Thanks for your blog, :)