Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Plaster Stenciling - wall accents on the cheap

I decided to post a few pics of what we're doing around the house during construction.  The pictures are lousy, for some reason everything at the top is slanted (!!) and the color is really off (!!), but figuring out what's wrong w/ the camera is not my department, nor can I zip right out to buy a new one.  Dang, a disposable camera probably would have given me better pictures, but here they are anyway.

I found a great site for plaster stenciling at .  Make sure you go there when you have time to really take a look around.  Wow.  She has some great stuff and step by step directions, reader's project pictures and tips, etc.  I ordered some stencils and had them in a flash!

The plaster stencils are thicker than the craft ones that you get for paints.  And the plaster?  It's just joint compound.  I'm in love with this technique.
The first picture is at the bottom of our stairs, looking up.  The tree is 15' tall.

 The picture above this is the top of the same tree.  This is what you see when you're upstairs.  You can look down over the railing to see the entire tree.  There's another one on the other wall, you can barely see it in the picture.
The picture below shows a pot of 'something' that I freehanded, filled in with joint compound and used a teardrop hand sander to define the edges.  I used a notched trowel for some accent on the pot.
You can also see some 'blocks', walls of sorts.  That was all drawn on, then doped for texture.  Lousy, lousy picture.  The railing really is straight.  You should see the pic I took of the house!  LOL  The upper story looks like it's close to falling over!


  1. Wow wow wow!! That is some fine work and you should be pleased with the results. Makes me want to start something and I haven't finishedthe bizillion little other things I started LAST year. Thanks for the link, Katjo

  2. I'd hate to list the things I have started that still aren't done.... Ha!

  3. WOW, that looks GREAT!! Good job. Beautiful job..!!