Friday, April 15, 2011

Wind, rain and a tornado close by

We're having really lousy weather.  Rain, wind and more rain. It suddenly got cold, too!  There's even a freeze warning for tonight.  But the wind today is one of the worst ones we've seen out here.  We're so open that everything hits us full bore.  I think it's 40 mph now and gusts higher than that.

Yesterday we had some nickel size hail, gales of wind, sheets of rain and a tornado touched down five miles from here.  So we did what most people in Kansas do - go outside to see if you can spot the tornado. 

Bill had moved the vehicles under the pole shed early yesterday, just in case it did hail.  This morning he said he was going to the store to get a few things.  So he backs out Dan's car, parks it in it's usual spot (Dan's still overseas somewhere, Myanmar?  Where's that??  I need to dust off the globe).  I saw Bill walking back to the pole shed to move the next vehicle in line.  Phone rings.  It's a business call so I'm trying to sound somewhat professional, even though that is not my basic nature.  I glance out the window and Bill is now more in front, whereas the pole barn is towards the back of the property.  He was getting out of the car, back in the car, tires spinning, back out of the car to look, back in the car, etc.  I can't help but notice that half the car is in the farm field, about 100' from the pole shed.  Did I mention that it's been raining for two days?

It was hard to focus on answering questions on the phone and take in the drama that was unfolding outside.  It was also hard not to laugh.  I finally hung up the phone and my very wet husband asked if I'd help him.
"Do I have to push the car?"
"No, you can drive, I'll push."

It didn't take too long at all and we were back in the house.  Gordon, that owns the farm field, does a fine job of tilling, that's for sure.  His ground is a lot softer than ours.  I'm still not sure how Bill ended up driving in the field.  All he said was that he couldn't see out the back window.  I'm pretty sure that he was going forward then, though.  Excuse me while I go somewhere to laugh...he's in the same room with me now.

I think it might be August before we can drive the car out, or we'll need a tractor to pull it out.  Sometimes you just gotta roll with what life gives you.