Friday, July 8, 2011

Goin' to paint the floor!

I made an executive decision this morning.  After some encouragement from the folks at the Sufficient Self forum, I have decided to paint the floor in the big room upstairs. (Shhhhh, Bill doesn't know about this yet!)

I'm doing an Italian garden-y theme upstairs, complete with hand plastered walls, plaster stenciling, rubbed paint (so it looks aged and dirty), so I'm going to paint a well worn, scruffy, weathered floor.  Remember the ol' phrase 'Shabby Chic'?  Think that.  Just a side note, I saw a gal's website that had directions on how to do Shabby Sheik.  I was cracking up, thinking of her painting a guy named Ahab.  Or Habib.

Anyway, reasons supporting my decision are:
Easy to clean - with 5 long haired cats, the occasional upchucking from said cats, country living and crud dropping out of the treads on the bottom of our shoes..well, it gets pretty dirty around here.
Still a hard surface floor instead of carpet - see above.
Bunches cheaper than the alternatives of wall to wall carpet, carpet tiles, laminate, tile (I'm getting pretty tired of laying ceramic tile and have tons to do yet).
I have most of what I need already - I have at least 4 partial cans of oil based primer, thanks to family and friends who were cleaning and knew that I'd step up to the plate and haul them to my place. I picked up three gallons of yellowish/gold/mustard-y paint for $10 each at the local lumberyard a few months back, so that's a perfect shade of yeller for the undercoat. I have one gallon of expensive white paint, and some $5 off white paint that I can mix (I love the markdown paint cart a little too much).  We sell sandpaper, so we have gobs of that around here.  If I decide to put urethane over the top of it, I will have to buy that.

And I think it will look really cool.  It does in my mind anyway!

I started to empty the room to get started on the prep work.  It might be time to watch another episode of 'Hoarders'.  Doesn't that just make you want to start donating stuff??

I'll keep you posted on the progress.  Wish me luck!