Monday, March 19, 2012

Memories of June Cleaver

The past few years I have spent more time in my makeshift kitchen than what I ever did back when I had a 'real' kitchen and kids at home.  I guess my priorities gradually shifted and the things I wanted then are not the things that I want now.

Periodically I have images of myself wearing a dress, a fancy apron and high heels while cheerfully canning up some tomatoes.  Oh, don't forget the pearl necklace.  That's June Cleaver from the old "Leave it to Beaver" tv series.

I was a kid when the series was running, but I remember being amazed that her dress and apron were spotless and she never was yelling at Beaver Cleaver or his brother, Wally, no matter what they did.  Huh.  My life was somewhat different.

Fast forward many years.  I was married with three kids of my own.  I don't think I even owned an apron, never wore a dress to make supper and for sure, I was yelling at my own kids.  Once, at a mom and pop restaurant, the owner was smiling at our youngest son, then about 6 or 7 yrs. old.  He finally came over to our table and said how much our son reminded him of Beaver Cleaver.  We just cracked up laughing.  He did kind of resemble the Beav!  We may have found it cute, but our son didn't.  He flat refused to eat there again.  Here's an image of the Beav (Beaver Cleaver):

My kids would divorce me if I ever put some potentially embarassing pictures of them on here, but trust me, our youngest did look a lot like the Beav.  But once again I was reminded of June.  This time I wondered who had dreamed up that perfect/impossible to be television mother.  Had to be some guy with mother issues.

Fast foward to the present.  For some reason, June comes to mind often.  She's working her butt off, yet always has a smile on her face and the wisdom that comes with ages.  Me?  I'm working in the kitchen, still no apron, spaghetti sauce splattered on the front of my t-shirt.  I picture June in her dress and pearls...with chicken pucky stuck to the bottom of her high heels.  It's an endearing image.

While looking at Google Images for the above pics, I found the following blog and had to laugh:

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