Friday, April 20, 2012

Redneck Vacuum Sealer

Bill and I watched a few episodes of Doomsday Preppers last night.  If you haven't seen any yet, they air on the National Geographic channel.  From what I read, this show has the largest audience from anything Nat Geo has aired.  It's worth the time to watch, even if you don't agree with the concept or buy into the gloom and doom scenario.  If you are a prepper, you might discover a new idea, too.

I have been interested in being more self sufficient for years...mostly because there were too many times that we were broke.  But I think it's also just my own OCD.  Whenever I think of something I need, the first thing I do is try to figure out how I can make it/do it/etc using what I have on hand.

Yesterday I was baking two big pans of boneless chicken breasts because they were starting to get some freezer burn on them.  If I would have had the vacuum sealer, I could have put them in smaller bags right when I got home from the store, sealed 'em = no problem later.   Or I could have used some foil.  But I didn't. I'm serious about getting a vacuum sealer.  And I want the jar attachment, too.  In my research I stumbled onto this youtube video:

I have to admit, now I'm wondering where my turkey baster is.


  1. Hi, Marianne!

    I found your blog when I saw a comment you had posted on Simple Living Forum. I actually clicked on it, wondering if you had found a Chambers Range. However, once I started reading your blog, I found that we have many, many things in common, not the least of which is moving to the country, baby ducks, etc.

    If you're seriously interested in a Chambers, I have one we've decided to sell. My mother-in-law purchased it new in the early '50's, and it's a jewel! I'll be happy to send you pictures. We live in Central Texas which isn't all that far from Kansas. :) In fact, we have a bunkhouse here on the ranch where you could 'overnight'.

    We just moved to the ranch 7 years ago, but it has been in my family since 1890. Lots of REALLY old stuff here. (Wish I still had the old wood-burning cookstove that belonged to my great-grandmother.)

    Would love to hear from you, even if you're not in the market for a Chambers Range.

    Mary Catherine

    1. Hi Mary,
      I actually was given an old range that I use for decorative purposes in my dining room. I had to get up to go see if it was a Chamber's (nothing obvious to say it is). Aren't those old ranges something? :o)
      I'll send you an email!

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