Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to Ripen Hard Pears

For the past few weeks, I have been gathering - harvesting what I can (which is very little) and foraging for winter feed and bedding for the critters by using what resources I have available on our land. 

I picked pears from my neighbor's tree...twice.  I had to go back the second time for another 5 gallon bucket of them after I read how to ripen them.  Seems that if you have access to one of those ancient varieties of pears (you know the kind, you can cook them for two hours and they never seem to get soft), put them in the frig for a minimum of two days.  The pears can even be stored clear down to 30 degrees F without freezing (they say).  But they need that cold storage to ripen without having core breakdown.

After the cold storage, ripen on the counter or in a closed cardboard box.  Just don't forget to check them every couple of days to pull out the ripe ones.

It worked for me.  Today I was eating little, nicely ripened pears again.  With juice dripping off my fingers as I peeled them, I accepted the fact that at my current rate of consumption, there would not be any left for preserving.  That is, unless I go get some more!

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