Monday, January 30, 2012

Chaos at My Feet

The day following my previous post, there were more cats missing.  Three of our little cats and one that was about a year old.  I plunged into a deeper slump.  With four of them gone at one time, I figured it had to be a coyote pack that thought my property had a cat buffet. 

I was down to two barn cats.  I kept thinking of Barb's comment (below previous post).  I was moving on towards acceptance - telling myself that I did give them better care than a lot of folks out here give their outdoor cats.  I picked them up (well, most of them anyway) every day, fed them twice a day, fresh water daily, basic vet care, several straw bale shelters to choose from and a few hidey holes in case they needed a quick escape.

A couple mornings later, I was almost dreading the daybreak.  I was afraid I might see just one cat or worse yet, no cats.  When I finally forced myself to look out, wow!!  The four were back!  I took their food outside and had the usual tangle of six cats at my feet. 

I'm okay with it.  In fact, now I enjoy it.  All that purring and meowing is music to my soul.  I'll continue to miss Frank, but I'm so thankful that I still have the others today.