Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Low odor, cheap, eco friendly cat litter!

Update!  The latest and last poop on cat litter.
I have one cat that I could cheerfully drop kick out the front door.  Okay, maybe not. 

Here's the shorter version:

Cat would leave me a 'present' between the litter boxes.  She didn't like the Tractor Supply horse bedding pellets ($6 for a 40 pound bag) that is just like Feline Pine Cat Litter....but way cheaper. I tried misting the pine pellets so they wouldn't be so crunchy.  No luck.  Every day there was a 'present' between the boxes.  At least Cat whizzed in the box.

Cat did like expensive silicone, clumping litter.  Scented stuff just made me cough, gag, I hated it.  Next we got unscented.  Cat was okay with that, I still hated it.  I hated messing with big clumps of wet goop, hated knowing that it wasn't the best thing for Cat(s), hated the tracking, hated the expense, hated hauling it home. 

What is still working after two weeks of trial:
Cheap potting soil
Grass from our yard

After reading elsewhere about using dried grass clippings for cat litter, the light bulb went off.  Last year I raked up some grass clippings, threw some in the chicken coop and sprinkled some on the goat bedding.  I was amazed at how much better both areas smelled.  Fresh cut grass does smell pretty good, doesn't it.  And it does have some odor control qualities.

Back to Cat's box: I started with some newspaper on the bottom of the litterbox.  I added about 2" or less of potting soil and a sprinkle of grass that we yanked up.  That night I could tell it was working pretty good.  The next morning I decided to pull out the newspaper.  We don't use a trash service and I wanted something that I could just dump in an out of the way place.  I didn't want Cat's newspapers blowing all over the county.  Anyway, after pulling out the newspaper, I scooped the poops (plus an obvious damp area) and added some more grass clippings with a sprinkle of potting soil.  I haven't dumped the entire box yet after two weeks, but I have scooped out wet areas.  I planned on dumping the entire box weekly and rinsing it out.

The best thing about this is that a $2 bag of potting soil from the Dollar Store will probably last a good month.  It has that natural feel when Cat is in the box.  The grass is free and really does help with odor control.  I sprinkle some grass in the box with the pine litter, too.

Cat ate some of the grass, upchucked it after a bit, but only on the first day.  We also bought some small mats to put in front of the litter boxes.  That has helped with the tracking.

We use a riding mower, but now we are storing our son's push mower with a bag.   Let's see, cat litter, mulch in the garden, goat bedding, litter for the chicken coop...I'm smiling.  It's the simple things in life.  :o)