Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lemon Vinegar and Egg Shell Calcium

I have been buying organic apples from Azure Standard.  I think this last box put me at 100 lbs.   Gallons of applesauce, pie filling, apple chunks left me with mountains of apple peels and cores.  So of course, I made vinegar:

The peels on the Empire apples were so dark red that the vinegar ended up being pink (vinegar on the right).  Even the other jar has a light pink tinge to it.  I liked the darker pink vinegar so much that I put some in one of those newer, squat pint jars that look like the top half of a quart jar -- like this:   

JARDEN HOME BRANDS Ball Collection Elite 4 Pack 16 OZ Platinum Wide Mouth JarsI gave it to my bud, Shelby, for a late birthday present.  I loved her reaction!  She looked at me and said 'I get it!'.  Not everyone would appreciate pink apple cider vinegar in a cutie jar, but some of us do.  Anyway, I have been using more ACV lately, so I thought I might as well take advantage of those peels.

If I would have known it was so easy to make ACV, I would have done it years ago.  Peels and cores go in a jar, cover with filtered water and top with a cloth or coffee filter for 4 days or so.  Some say to let the peelings turn brown before you add the water and you'll get better tasting vinegar.  I did it both ways, both tasted good.  You can keep adding peels (peelings?) and cores for a few days, too.  Just keep 'em covered with water.
After 4 or 5 days, strain out the apple bits, top the jar with another cloth or coffee filter and put in a dark cupboard for 5 or 6 weeks.  Give it a stir or swirl every few days when you think about it.  The weird filmy or goobery thing that shows up in the vinegar later is the 'mother' that everyone talks about.   Leave it in the jar and be proud of yourself.  Around here a quart of Bragg's ACV is $7 a quart.  You just made better tasting, organic ACV with the mother, for nothing.

Now I have all this vinegar.  I also have two organic lemons in the frig that I need to use.  So, I washed them with a bit of soapy water (doh!  Should have used my vinegar!) to make sure they were clean.  I peeled them with the carrot peeler and dropped the thin lemon peels in a jar, then added vinegar.  In a week or two, I'll fish out the peels and have Lemon Vinegar.  I use a bit of that with some honey and cinnamon for a hot beverage.  It's really good on these cold nights.  Lemon vinegar makes a decent salad dressing and adds some flavor to various recipes instead of using lemon juice or plain vinegar.  I store mine in the frig.

That's my Lemon Vinegar on the left.  And leftover lemon halves in water on the right.  More on that in a moment.

Now I have some naked lemons.  Might as well make some more Egg Shell Calcium. (I started making that after some research.  I kept going back to this gal's page: )  Osteoporosis is rampant in my family and this seems like a good thing for me to take.

The jar on the left is what I have in the frig - eggshells from my hens, but purchased, bottled ReaLemon.  Using fresh lemon juice makes it taste so much better!  Using a fork to juice the lemons makes it so easy, too.  Don't worry about the seeds, they'll strain out later.
The jar on the right with the bubbling goop is the fresh squeezed juice and this mornings egg shells.  Store it in the frig.  After 2-3 days you can strain out the egg shell and any seeds.  This will separate in the frig, so give it a swirl or two before you take it.  Read Bee's post for the details if this is something you want to try.

The last thing is the naked lemons.  I was going to make Whey Lemonade.  But!!  I have no whey!  I am currently whey-less!  Yogurt making and draining is the plan for tomorrow. If you have whey, add some (1/4 to 1/2 cup) to a jar along with sugar, evaporated cane juice, whatever is your sweetener of choice and top with water.  Leave it on the counter top for a couple days then fish out your naked lemon halves and refrigerate.  Pretty good over ice.

Have you made vinegar?


  1. Hello.. Just found you at the NKC forum.. and saw the link to your blog.
    and Yes I have made Vinegar.. and have started several friends doing too.
    I've experimented as y ou did with other fruit and have several colors.. most turned out fine. I'm also trying other fermented human foods after learning how good it is for my chickens. Looks like I've found a few other pages to look at here.. thanks for your contribution to the net!