Thursday, December 23, 2010

Make your own Endust & Static Guard substitutes

My latest finds are substitutes for Endust and Static Guard.  I gave them both a try and they work great!  Saves me money, is earth friendly and I almost always have the ingredients!

The anti-static dusting spray is nothing more than one part of liquid fabric softener to maybe 5 parts water.  As usual, I tend not to measure, I just eyeball it.  Put it in a little spray bottle, give it a few shakes to mix, spray it on a cloth and dust away. I used this yesterday and by cracky, there is NO dust, and I mean NO dust on the furniture that I used this on.  Wahoo!  I wiped down one little table with a barely damp cloth so I'd have something to compare it to, and it shows some dust today.  I did some light sprays on the recliners and no static pops last night, too!  I do get a little nervous spraying fabric softener directly on upholstered furniture, so I'll probably get another spray bottle and water it down a bit more...maybe.  I'll see how long the anti static part of this trial lasts.  Label the bottle!

I also tried the homemade dust mop treatment this morning and I give that two thumbs up.  All that involves is 4 drops of olive oil (or any cooking oil, or lemon oil, etc) in one cup of warm water.  Again, into a little spray bottle, shake it up and spray on your dustmop, or in my case, a rag covered Swiffer.  It doesn't take much, just a couple of light mists, then dust those floors.  Worked like a charm!  Grabbed up cat hair and dust just like the purchased stuff.  I then took the rags outside, gave them a couple shakes and into the laundry basket. Label the bottle!

What's cool is that I'm not bring more plastic or aerosol cans into the house, thus keeping them out of the waste stream.  I'm almost out of spray bottles, so I'm going to ask friends and relatives to save them for me.  Some folks just don't want to get on board, but hey, they're willing to help out the eco-fanatic person they know and love.  Well, know, anyway.


  1. Hi
    I'm curious about the fabric softener, since this is titled Ecofriendly Tightwaddery. What brand of liquid are you using. If in fact it is nontoxic I'd love to get some. Thank you
    For some reason google is posting me as unknown, here and elsewhere, but I am logged in as

    1. After a chemist told me that fabric softener and hair conditioner were basically the same thing, I grabbed the bottle that I had.
      Since this recipe makes almost 5 cups, I cut it in half:
      2/3 cup (more or less) hair conditioner
      2 cup of white vinegar
      2 cups of water

      Most 'make it yourself' are easily adjusted, right? Use more or less of any ingredient to make it fit for your lifestyle. Bill absolutely hates vinegar smell, so that's always a challenge for me.

  2. Hi, I just found this post because I am looking for a dusting solution that works, so thanks. I would suggest Sun & Earth products for the softener and for a wonderful laundry cleaner. I have been using these eco friendly products for a few years now.

    We also have a "subscription" for Seventh Heaven bathroom tissue through Amazon made of recycled paper. Twice a year a case shows up at our door.

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  4. I was looking for a recipe for homemade dust mop spry and here you are !!! Thank You for the recipe and your hard work keeping up your blog with all this wonderful info...
    I'm off to make my sprays !

    1. Rather late with this, don't know why your comment ended up in the spam folder, but hey! It's a computer. :o) Thanks for popping in!

  5. I tried both this morning and I love it! With three dogs in the house - 2 of them shed badly, it's hard to clean the floors. When it's all done, I mop with a generic swifter, using cleaning vinegar and water.

  6. I will try mixing hair conditioner, vinegar and water and see how it goes. Thanks for the many ideas!